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June 21, 2010

Web Usability Analysis — Part 1

Let’s start reviewing the site.

Brief Introduction

endahnrhesa is a website that provides all kind of information about the band Endah n Rhesa. Users can view the latest announcements about tour or latest news, their profiles, and their songs lyrics. Other features that included in this site are their contacts and links to their sponsors, merchandise’s and blog’s site, and some of their social network’s accounts.


fig 1. loading page

Upon entering the endahnrhesa site, you are greeted with a creative and simple flash that loads quickly and uses the colour and pattern that matches the theme. However, there’s no skip button, so you can’t skip this loading page because it’s a full-flash site.

But, Instead of showing the loading page, this warning will appear if you haven’t install the flash player plug-in.

fig 2. flash disabled

This homepage’s layout will appear after finish being loaded.

fig 3. home page

As we can see, this home page is quite well-structured. the site uses two-column standard layout which refers to introducing the viewers to familiar interface and layouts on the web.

fig 4. standard web layout

The Layout

The header section is consisted by logo & website name, navigation links, and links to some social network accounts.

fig 5. homepage header

Logo & Website name : this logo directs users to home page when it’s clicked.

Navigation Links & Social Network Accounts : each of them will direct users to another website or pages in this website.

The Content section is filled by a plain area like this :

But when I drag my mouse pointer over it, the pointer is changed into a hand icon, then that plain area suddenly show something that should be click-able.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing happened when I click it.

The Sidebar section is one part that put tours schedule and latest news about Endah n Rhesa.

The first thing I’ve noticed from this sidebar is they use a different font face than the whole theme used. This variance makes me ( as the user ) feel a little annoyed, because this sidebar’s proportions is quite big and most people, I guess, will seek into that part first.


endahnrhesa homepage has properly maintained. However, there are still some flaws that make its usability decreased such as:

  1. endahnrhesa homepage is obviously broke the first law of usability by Steve Krug, “Don’t make me think!” with showing the Content section which can’t be clicked.
  2. having different font face in announcement of changes on Sidebar section.

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